Valentine Day: Celebrate or not

One of the most strange traits of humans is they admire and acknowledge flattering, sometimes knowingly that the person at the other end is not willfully doing it, reason; because it satisfies theiā€¦

Source: Valentine Day: Celebrate or not


Valentine Day: Celebrate or not

One of the most strange traits of humans is they admire and acknowledge flattering, sometimes knowingly that the person at the other end is not willfully doing it, reason; because it satisfies their ego within.

It happens between boss & subordinates, Parent & children, Neighbour vs neighbour and list goes on. But amongst all, Boyfriend and girlfriend or Husband & wife are the two where wishing on valentine day and offering gifts is nothing less than a religious affair.

Missing any of the two can be hazardous for males, forgetting to wish is unlikely though from male’s point of view, but not offering gifts or not going out on a quick evening eat out is most likely to happen.

I don’t think there could be any special day for a love, when you are in love everyday becomes a special day else don’t say you are in love, say you are in a relationship. People celebrate birthdays, forgetting that while the date and the month remains the same, day is different, year is different, how come it can be your birthday?

The most aweful scene arises the other day, when your gifts and the way of celebration is weighed & compared with those done by her closest friends, this is where it starts getting ugly. With the advent of front cameras on smartphones and days of quick selfies, a post on facebook or insta-gram is enough to provide oxygen to the already tossed up jealousy.

Men should understand that women has to be made feel good. She chose you for some reason and that reason should remain intact because no matter what, women have no problem in getting proposals, that is why they are fairer & attractive sex, call it a nature’s law or whatever. So out of so many men if she has picked you as her partner, respect that.

Let there be the entire 365 days as love & affection days. No special day or ordinary days for the person you love.



PM Modi’s speech in parliament

Well it was a day when PM Modi was in a mixed mood. But it is unbecoming of him taking a swipe on Rahul Gandhi’s exaggerated ‘ Earthquake” comment. Rahul’s speech had angered most of the countrymen and this earthquake jibe from PM isn’t pleasing at all either. PM Modi is too big in stature when compared with Rahul.

Secondly it is bad for someone like Modi who is seen as a statesman to use a natural disaster like earthquake to attack Rahul. Most of the Indians expect Mr Gandhi to use such analogy as they consider him to be completely out of sorts and a scripted leader.

While rest of the speech was more about positives of Demonetization and 4 crores doubtful/illicit account holders, one cannot wait to watch, when and how PM and his Enforcement agencies take the filed cases to logical conclusions.

If this happens and people nabbed are proven guilty, this would be the final nail in the coffin for any political parties in the urban sector, barring southern India.

Aloe Fitness Freaks

In this fast paced life, we seldom get time for our body, even if we give it few moments, that is more often used for shaping it rather overhauling it from inside. Just as we care about our vehicles well being by visiting regularly the service centers and workshop, one’s body too needs some kind of “servicing” if not a complete overhauling. Its the TOXINs that we eat, breathe, drink everyday b’coz whatever we take in, isn’t pure, later it gets stuck to the walls of the small intestines and disrupt the absorption of nutrients. So whatever is needed for your organs to function properly is not received and this triggers dysfunction/malfunction.

So what’s the alternative when we don’t have too much control on food/air/water or anything that we consume. I have the answer..


The plant which is seen mostly being grown in tropical climate has unique property of PENETRATION and CLEANSING which is done through Lignin and Saponin. Besides its gel contains 75 vital nutrients, along with Vitamins and more than 200 compounds, minerals and 18 amino acids.
Any drink which has more than 68% of aloe vera present in stabilised form will provide all the nutrients mentioned above and also will penetrate into the rock solid toxin and will clean it, not to mention it should have the certification from International Aloe Scientific council.

So which company can provide such ALOE VERA:-

Well there is one and only company, which is the largest producer of Aloe and Bee Hive products in the world, serving more than 157 nations, a vertically integrated company which does plantation, production, processing, packaging and making the product available to people directly thus following P4 command on its consistency in standards and quality world over.

Its FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS PVT LTD, USA driven successfully by Mr Rex Maughan who is a highly respectable personality in the world and carried the legacy on his shoulders for 37 years since 1978. Link

From children, to Ladies to old everyone has benefitted from it. For more information or business opportunity,connect to me.